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Titleist DT SoLo Yellow

$5.99$10.99 per dozen

Titleist DT Solo Yellow used golf balls will give you a distinct advantage over the competition with it's low compression, fast, solid core, and responsive ionomer cover which features a spherically tiled 376 tetrahedral dimple design.

Sold by the dozen.

Titleist DT Solo Yellow Used Golf Balls

The DT Solo is designed to provide the softest compression feel possible resulting in  long distance, greenside control and consistent quality.  In addition, DT has become the standard golf ball for players looking for great feel and control. This golf ball features a low compression, fast solid core, a soft, due to the responsive ionomer cover and a spherically tiled dimple design. Distinctly Soft, Distinctly DT, Distinctly Long, and Distinctly soft compression feel with long distance High-visibility yellow.

These Titleist DT Solo used golf balls give long distance with noticeably soft feel giving amazing soft compression, feel with long distance.  High-Visibility yellow helps you find your ball just in case you hit that offline tee shot.

Additional information

Weight1.4 lbs

Eagle (A Quality), Birdie (B Quality), Par (C Quality)


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