Grading Scale


These balls will have the performance and feel similar to a new ball. It may have a small scuff mark or two from that perfect ball strike or a small mark from the bottom of the cup, as you sunk your last putt! Eagle grade balls will NEVER be refurbished, x-out, or practice. They may have player markings, some cosmetic discolorations or blemishes, team or company logos BUT those will never affect ball performance. Our primary consideration in the grading process for Eagle grade balls will be to ensure that performance and ball flight is the same as a brand new ball. Compare to Mint, 5A, AAAAA, A Quality.

A note on discoloration: Some brands/models are more prone to discoloration than others. Bridgestone B330 / B series, Callaway soft cover balls for example being some of the worst offenders. We do include these balls in Eagle grade after carefully inspecting the cover to confirm the discoloration is purely cosmetic AND the performance is exactly the same as a new ball.   


These balls are still in great playable condition!  They may have some imperfections but they should not affect play. Think of this ball as the one that you played a few holes with, started washing it, and the ball accidentally popped out and hit the cart path (c’mon, you know it’s happened to you) which put a scuff or two on it. These balls could have a light blemish or discoloration and may have player markings, team or company logos. Higher grade practice balls may be included, but NO x-out, refurbished or refinished. Compare to Near Mint, 4A, AAAA, B Quality.


These balls are definitely playable but will have noticeable imperfections and may affect ball flight. Think of the last amazing drive you hit which went 50 yards further than you expected only to find out that….wait for it…..your bomb actually stuck the cart path (black top) perfectly and now have a large black scuff mark on your ball.  These balls may also have faded or missing logos, noticeable scuffs, and discoloration as well as player markings, team or company logos, x-out, refinished/refurbished or practice. These balls are great for golfers who are starting out and golfers that don’t mind losing a few balls. Compare to Good, 3A, AAA, C Quality.

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