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Eagle Club

(4 customer reviews)

$89.00 / year

Eagle Club members get the following benefits:

  • 10% off on all used golf balls
  • FREE shipping on all US orders
  • Exclusive access to member only products and promotions

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Many people say that golf is an “Elitist Game”. We think that it's just WRONG and it's the furthest from the truth! Golf is an EXPENSIVE game and we want to help with that expense.

In order to shoot lower scores it takes a considerable yearly investment that many of us can’t afford. Well, we got you covered. Not only will save you hundreds on your yearly golf ball expense, we also offer our exclusive Eagle Club. Join our Eagle Club today and you will enjoy EXCLUSIVE Member benefits!

Look at it this way – Golfers lose on average 5 balls per round. That’s 2.4 rounds before losing a dozen golf balls. Now you need to buy more balls, either you buy them new and pay double OR buy them through your Eagle Club Membership and save BIG BIG Money.

You will save 10% on your order then save at least $8.99 in shipping, since we lose a dozen balls every 2.4 rounds then after 15 rounds you have, at the very LEAST, paid for your membership! That’s right after a few weeks of golf you have the rest of the year free and clear because you are an Eagle Club Member! Plus you get other awesome perks that we keep on adding to the Eagle Club.


  • 10% off on all used golf balls
    Everything in our store, anytime, from anywhere. Golfers lose an average of 5 golf balls per round (and that’s on average, some of us lose more than that!)
  • FREE shipping on all US orders
    FREE shipping on all orders big or small, that’s $8.99 savings per order!
  • Exclusive access to member only products and promotions

4 reviews for Eagle Club

  1. Rob H (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my membership, I don't lose many. balls but enough for this membership to make sense. The free swing analysis helped me figure out my slice!!!!

  2. Kent

    Happy with my membership. Saves more money if you are going to buy more balls

  3. dc4drew (verified owner)

    Great company promo. Really creates a ton of value, and even when when you create an ongoing relationship with them. They have simply helped with every question or promo I have asked about. Bottom Line- become a VIP if you play at 20 times a year.

  4. Brian H (verified owner)

    So I uploaded my swing...why not?
    Wow. Paul gave me 2 quick pointers which helped me lower my score INSTANTLY!

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