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About Two Guys with Balls

Pay Less, Play More Golf!

We are two guys with a passion for golf and a lot of used golf balls. We believe that everybody should be able to enjoy this great game without having to worry about the $4 you just shanked into the woods. If we are being totally honest, we aren’t that great at golf either and have lost way too many balls than we care to count.

We knew there had to be a better way! A better way that was easier than endless practice sessions of trying to perfect that golf swing. Yes, practice so you hit that fairway every time, but that won’t happen overnight (or ever for some of us). A better way, that doesn’t include fishing for lost balls in the woods (leave that to us). 

We aren’t the first company to start selling used golf balls online, BUT we like to think we are better and a little bit different. Golf is hard, heck, life is hard… buying used golf balls online shouldn’t be. Unfortunately a lot of the other sites out there make what should be a simple process way more complicated than it should be.

Here’s how we are doing things better

  1. Simple easy to understand grading scale – forget about deciphering codes like 5A, AAAAA, BBBB, AA, 3B etc. We made our grading scale fairly self explanatory – Eagle, Birdie and Par…
  2. Lowest prices online – everybody says this, we mean it. If you find a lower price online let us know and we won’t match the price, we’ll do one better and beat the price by 10%
  3. Better quality and service – yeah yeah, again this is a claim everybody makes. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which simply means if you are not happy for any reason we’ll do everything we can to make it right and if we don’t, we’ll pay for the shipping for you to return the balls.

Our philosophy and promise to you is simple – we’ll provide you with the best balls at the best price and make it quick and easy for you to order online. If you are not happy for whatever reason, we’ll make it right!

Giving Back

golf giving back program

We love this game and are determined to give you a more cost effective option to play this great game but we also want to give back. A portion of all profits go to various golf related charities. It’s our way of giving back to help our communities experience this great game.

Get rewards for everything!

free used golf balls rewards programFree Balls? There’s no such thing right?!  Actually there is. Just for being a part of our mission, you are automatically enrolled in our Exclusive Ball Rewards Program where you earn points for every dollar you spend with us. Earning free balls just for buying our balls – what a concept! Like we have said over and over again, our mission is to lower your golf expense, one ball at a time!

Simple grading – easy to understand

We just have a very simple, easy to understand grading scale.

Eagle – The best used golf balls you can get. They look new and might have been played just once.
Birdie – Small imperfections, discoloration, and have lost some shine but will not affect performance
Par – Definitely playable but will have noticeable imperfections and at times, affect ball flight.

We are a proud supporter of our military and veterans. To show our appreciation, we are offering a 10% military discount off the entire purchase on every purchase for Active Duty Military, Retirees and Veterans.

Get the Military Membership Today!

Join our Eagle Club

two guys with balls eagle club

Golf is an EXPENSIVE game and we want to help even more with that expense. Not only will TwoGuysWithBalls save you hundreds on your yearly ball expense, we also offer our exclusive Eagle Club which you should join!

  • 10% off on all used golf balls
  • FREE shipping on all US orders
  • Exclusive access to member only products and promotions

Happy Customers

I first used 2guyswithballs to test several different balls I wanted to play. ProV1, Sxiron Z star, and Bridgestone RX.
Best conditioned balls were half or less of new balls.
The balls all played great. Discovered my new favorite and then ordered 4 dozen from Two Guys. I have had no problem with the balls. They play great. It feels even better playing golf knowing that I saved so much money.
Mark Hill

Facebook Review

Golf balls met the quality/description on their website. Lowest prices I have seen yet!
Chris Huebner

Google Review

I just received 48 Prov1’s, A graded for $21.00 and that was with shipping. WHAT A FANTASTIC DEAL!! I would HIGHLY recommend that golfers who want a GREAT price on A grade golf balls check out the Twoguyswithballs website 👍
Mike Bonnett

Google Review

Great balls! Got Eagle quality and they were like new. Never got used balls in such nice packaging before either. Can’t wait to lose them all so I can buy more!
Daniel Hayes

Google Review

Golf balls met my expectations and were shipped extremely fast! Will order again.
Andy Newbauer

Google Review

I ordered a dozen Pro V1s (Eagle grade) and was very impressed. Balls were in great condition and the price can’t be beat. Website was easy to navigate and my order arrived quickly. I will definitely be using Two Guys again!
Doug Hamilton

Google Review

I recycle, never refurbish… I tried 3 different ball types for comparison to other recycle websites. Best value I’ve found yet. I orders 2nd grade (birdie) and they were in great shape. Grading very fair. Fair price, good quality. If you purchase recycled balls, you should try this company. Better than GBDirect, MUCH better than FoundGB.
Also, the customer service is outstanding. You won’t be disappointed.

Google Review

I ordered a dozon pro V1s of the eagle’s, dozen of the birdies, and a dozen of the pars. To see what this is all about. Got them all in 3 days… great packaging. The eagle’s were pretty much flawless would play them in a tourney. The birdies were close, definitely a ball worth playing. The pars I haven’t tried yet, a couple are a little discolored. No cuts on any of the. I’ll be buying more, probably the eagle’s.
Jeremey Cobbs

Google Review

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