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Srixon Q-Star Yellow

Starting at $10.99 per dozen

Try Srixon Q Star Yellow used golf balls to improve your game. One of Srixon’s most forgiving ball, experience more control from fairway to green.

Sold by the dozen.

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Srixon Q Star Yellow Used Golf Balls

Try Srixon Q-STAR used golf balls to improve your game.  These golf balls give the average golfer more distance and improved accuracy off the tee. The SpinSkin™ technology adds feel and control from 30 yards.

Q-STAR’s new coating increases frictional force at impact by almost 18% compared to the previous version which results in more greenside spin and control.  Q-STAR’s next generation Speed Dimple™ technology combines higher dimple uniformity and surface coverage to creating a more aerodynamic design. With less drag, longer distance, and a truer ball flight Q-STAR delivers maximum results.

Srixon has also mastered this ball by balancing spin, Trajectory, Accelerations and Responsiveness.  Srixon Q Star golf balls result in unmatched performance on every shot.  Designed to enhance the distance for golfers with all swing speeds, the two-piece Q-Star’s large core gets progressively firmer from the center toward the outer edge for improved launch conditions and reduced spin.

Srixon Q-STAR’s energy transfer at impact in the third generation of the Q Star balls is more efficient thanks to a firmer outer portion of the core. In addition the lower price tag gives golfers a great option.

More details on Srixon website.

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