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Clear Sports Golf Balls

Clear Sports company claims its ball is the finest USGA conforming golf ball that can be made with the highest C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) of any performance golf ball on the market.

When Clear started selling golf balls, they could only be purchased with an annual membership which was an invitation only program. After getting approved for the program which had an annual payment of $950, they will send you 12 dozen Clear golf balls, a pullover and a hat! Pretty steep for a golf ball, even an exclusive one.

Since then, Clear still remains quite exclusive with it's high prices. The new Clear Black and Clear Green golf balls are priced at $58/dozen.

Why Buy Used Clear Sports Golf Balls?

We offer premium quality used Clear sports golf balls at a fraction of the price of new golf balls. Did you know that a golf ball is considered used even if it's just hit once? We have found and graded those premium balls just for you.

Limited stock available.

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