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Top 10 Golf Gifts of 2018

 | December 3, 2018
Top 10 Golf Gifts 2018

Well, it's that time of year again where we take ALL the guess work out of shopping for your golfer.  We have traveled across the globe to find the best golf gifts of 2018 just for you (or your spouse.)  Shopping for the people we care is sometimes crazy hard.  The good news is have taken the pain out of shopping for your Golfer; man or woman, young or old, 1 handicap or a 20 handicap. Our golf experts have exhaustively researched, tested, and evaluated the most “popular” golf gifts of 2018 and have come up with our annual list!

By the way – was not paid for these endorsements nor will receive any royalties from this review...just pure old fashioned gift review for our loyal readers!

10. YetI golf Gifts

You have all heard about Yeti coolers right?  Well Yet has quickly become one of the most talked about brands as of late and they have created some great golf gifts.  This Yeti golf bag gives you all the portability you need with a slick modern design. - $299

9. Whisky Golf Ball Chillers

Anyone like to enjoy a bit of Whisky after your last round?  We do (Bourbon is preferred) but we now are adding these handcrafted golf ball chillers to our routine.  We love the fact that we get the perfect chill without the chance or watering it down.  Made in Minneapolis, Minnesota and cooled in your freezer.  You even get a little pouch for your chilled Whisky balls!

Whisky Chillers - $24

8. BirdieBall Putting Mat

We all need to spend more time polishing our putting stroke but many times we default to the driving range rather than the short game practice area.  BirdieBall is a high quality putting mat which reflects the speed of typical golf course greens, you are also able to putt against the grain with this putting mat to get a feel of the differences.  We think that's a great enhancement over other similar products.  Now let's shoot for replicating morning putting to afternoon putting next!

Birdie Ball - $150

7. Golf Ball Money Clip

We've all seen the traditional low quality money clips or the guy who uses a rubber band for his cash.  We have finally found a high quality secure money clip which just so happens to have a golf ball inlet.  The patented silver-level mechanism allows you to securely carry your cash and your credit cards without the bulk you find in the majority of clips.  Crafted from stainless steal this clip will give you the durability which lacks in others similar.  This item made the top ten because it's reasonable, practical, and just plain cool!

Golf Ball Money Clip - $79

6. Garmin Range Finder

Last year we highlighted a great Bushnell range finder which is still a great product but technology has advanced and we now are falling in love with the Garmin range finder.  Who remembers Garmin?  If I remember correctly it was one of the first GPS units on the market.  Either way this little baby is significantly smaller, lighter, and still has up to 15 hours of battery life.  Over 41,000 course maps as well as hazard, lay-ups, and automatic green views.   Distance to the front or back of the green,  par information for each hole, and even a pin pointer for lining up blind shots.  Although the price tag is a bit steep, the new advances will surely reduce strokes in your game.

Garmin Range Finder - $600

5. Driver drink dispenser

Two drivers in your bag??  That will be the question the first time you use this amazing gadget.  At first we thought this may be a bit corny but we stand corrected!  This hidden gem has a 48oz insulated tank which will keep any drink hot or cold.  It will fit in any golf bag, looks like a driver, and has a easy pump dispenser.  Comes with a long handled brush and has a wide mouth for easy cleaning or throwing in a few ice cubes. You will be the most popular member of your group, no matter what your score is!

Sharper Image - $49

4. Double Golf Organizer

This is one of my favs this year because it just makes way too much sense.  How many of your garages have "golf stuff" scattered everywhere, I mean everywhere.  I've personally opened my garage and had golf balls roll out and now I'm seen chasing them down the driveway.  How many times have you tried to park in the garage and golf bags are in the way.  We've all tried new and creative ways to store our golf equipment but create no more.  This chrome-plated steel frame with stainless panels can hold up to 175lbs and cleans up very easy.  Designed to hold golf shoes, extra clubs, towels, plus boxes of balls.  Optional casters will make your life so much easier the next time you organize your garage.  What a great idea!

Double Golf Organizer - $499

3. Golf Digest Subscription

As an avid reader of Golf Digest, I can tell you that this magazine has helped lower my golf scores.  In the current age where magazines are all but dead Golf Digest is getting better and better.  Their in depth coverage of the world of golf, from every angle,  gives ALL golfers the opportunity to gain additional knowledge and understanding of this great game.  I still can't believe this is only $10/year!  You also get their exclusive golf bag and an instant download of the 100 best courses guide.

Golf Digest - $10/year

2. Zepp Golf 4.0ir

Zepp Golf is the NEW advanced version in the swing analyzer technology.  Prior to Zepp the majority of all these devices were a bulky, awkward, and expensive.  Zepp Golf has changed all of that.  This tiny non-evasive sensor attaches to your golf glove, yep that's it.  No need to attach multiple devices to all of your clubs or add some kind of sensor tape which never really works.  Connect via Bluetooth to the Zepp app through your favorite smart phone.  This little genius measures your club speed, club plane, hand plane, backswing position, and much much more.  Zepp even has a smart coach feature which personalizes your training!  We are very impressed with Zepp and what it has done to change this technology.

Zepp Golf 4.0 - $149

1.’s Tee Box subscription

Do you know why golf pro shops sell golf balls above retail prices? Because they can, so many golfers forget to make sure they have ample golf balls for their next round, then get to the course, look in their bag, and realize they are completely out or have a few old ones that have cart path marks everywhere. Once again we have a solution. Our “Balls of the month” subscription ensures the above scenario does NOT happen plus will offer you significant saving over pro shop balls as well as retail! It’s very simple and is very customizable to your golfers specific preferences. Remember an average golfer loses about 5 balls per round so playing just two rounds a month means they need another dozen! We will send you a dozen balls (of your choice) by the 1st of every month. You can choose the same exact balls each month, or a category of Balls and quality. We have 3 subscription options to fit your need and budget.

  • Balls on the Way - Platinum urethane covered ball option like Titleist ProV1, Bridgestone B330’s, Callaway Chrome Soft, or TaylorMadeTP5’s.
  • Balls on the Way - Gold performance option featuring balls like Bridgestone B330RX, Callaway super soft, TaylorMade Project “a”, or Titleist NXT Tour.
  • Balls on the Way - Silver performance option which features balls like Bridgestone e6, Callaway HX, TaylorMade Penta, or Titleist Velocity.

Whatever you choose it can be monthly, every 2 months or quarterly. You pay when when the balls ship and of course you can cancel or pause at anytime.

PS: Yeah, yeah… I know what you are thinking… shameless plug for your own product. BUT, we really do feel that this is the best golf gift you can get for 2018, even if we didn't own the place 🙂

If you still have no idea what to get, every golfer needs balls. get a Two Guys with Balls Gift Card! That’s it for this years top ten gift list stay tuned to our blog for our next edition!

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