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Titleist NXT Tour - Is it dead?

 | March 10, 2018

Last updated Feb 8, 2020

Over the last year or so there have been rumors about Titleist discontinuing production of their NXT Tour balls. In the blog below, we will address this as well as the differences in both NXT versions.

As we are doing these reviews of golf balls we will always remind our wonderful readers the make-up of a golf ball as mentioned below.


Every golf ball differs but normally there are 1-5 pieces of a golf ball



Generally made of synthetic rubber which range from 1 layer – 4 layers. A standard driving range ball has only 1 solid layer whereas Titleist uses an anomeric casing layer to cover their inner core.

Cover Design

The outer cover of the golf ball (what you can visually see) usually made from Surlyn or Urethane materials.

Surlyn is hard and extremely durable which produces less spin and feel but does not scuff very easily (unless of course you hit a tree, cart path, your fellow golfer, etc.)

Urethane is much softer and less durable which will produce more spin and is less durable – after a round of 18 holes you will see minor blemishes or scuffs. (That is if you use the same ball the entire round)

Dimple Design

Dimples are actually a very sophisticated part of the ball. They are critical in reducing wind resistance or aerodynamic drag. Less drag means more distance and more birdies. Dimples almost double the distance compared to a smooth golf ball


Now let's compare NXT Tour vs NXT Tour S

NXT Tour

Image credit: Titleist.com

The NXT Tour golf balls have three pieces and NXT Tour S golf balls have two pieces. The NXT Tour ball deliver longer drives, longer distance, and great stopping short game control. The soft core and cover ensure optimal feel and unmatched performance on the tee and the green. The NXT Tour ball has a lower compression which is great for lower swing speeds because the ball compresses quicker than a high compression ball.

Core: The center of the new dual core is 66% larger, decreasing spin on long game shots and providing longer distance on tee shots and with irons.

Image credit: Titleist.com

Cover System: The Fusablend cover used on NXT Tour provides soft feel and excellent shot stopping control.

Image credit: Titleist.com

Dimple Design: The dimple placement and design depth maximize distance for golfers on every shot. The dimple pattern provides consistent ball flight for golfers in all conditions.

Image credit: Titleist.com


NXT Tour S

Image credit: Titleist.com

The NXT Tour golf balls have three pieces and NXT Tour S golf balls have two pieces. The NXT Tour S is a high-performance ball which delivers low driver and iron spin which creates outstanding distance but gives excellent shot stopping ability. The NXT Tour S ball has a lower compression which is great for lower swing speeds because the ball compresses quicker than a high compression ball.

Image credit: Titleist.com

Core: The new core is the softest ever created for NXT Tour S, providing noticeably softer feel and very low spin on your long game shots for great distance.

Image credit: Titleist.com

Cover System: The new Fusablend cover is softer to enhance feel around the green and provide excellent shot stopping control.

Image credit: Titleist.com


Dimple Design: The aerodynamics package on NXT Tour S now has deeper dimple depths to slightly lower the trajectory for maximized distance.

The chart below is a side-by-side summary of the above, for those who like seeing pictures to help make those decisions.

Image credit: Titleist.com


So there you have it. NXT Tour/Tour S are great golf balls and will perform perfectly under pressure (as long as you do) no matter which ball you pick.


Good or bad - Titleist did indeed DISCONTINUE their production of the NXT brand (don't worry we have plenty of inventory for you).

So why would they discontinue these balls and what did they replace them with? We would never leave you hanging, see below for a review of the new ball.

Titleist's NEW Tour Soft Golf Ball

Let's dig in to the details about this new ball. Titleist has always tried to create golf balls that cater to all different types of golfers, handicaps, swing speed, etc. This new ball is no different. They have replaced two top performing balls (NXT/NXT Tour S) with this one ball. Titleist Tour Soft balls are looking to satisfy the golfers' need through just two layers. With the newly designed ionomer soft cover, which more golfers are asking for, the Titleist Tour Soft ball aims at producing more distance off the tee while still giving soft feel around the green. The previous urethane-cover limits distance off the tee for golfers with lower swing speeds.

Core: Titleist has produced their largest core ever in this ball which gives a responsive feel and high ball speed. Because the ball compresses at lower swing speeds this ball will produce maximum distance for the majority of golfers.

Image credit: Titleist.com

Cover System
: The new cover formulation is made of ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover made with propriety Titleist technology. The cover creates advanced short game control and leading soft feel.

Image credit: Titleist.com

Dimple Design
: The spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design delivers penetrating trajectory and consistent ball flight.

Image credit: Titleist.com

Well, there you have it, a full review of Titleist NXT Tour golf balls and the NEW Titleist Tour Soft golf ball. Remember the golf ball is the only piece of equipment that you use on EVERY hole and it is critical that you play with a golf ball that suits your game. But do me a favor, don't pay FULL price for new golf balls – give our amazing recovered golf balls a chance and we GUARANTEE you will love them or your money back!

If you have any questions or have tried out the new Titleist Tour Soft, sound off in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!

4 comments on “Titleist NXT Tour - Is it dead?”

  1. How are these balls compared to TP5x? My local range uses NXT Tour balls on their launch monitors but trying to figure out how that differs from what i'm using on the course which is the 5x. Mostly distance is the comparison i'm looking for.

    1. Hi Curt,

      The NXT Tour ball has a harder cover which will give you longer distance off the tee and with your irons but a bit less control around the green (less spin) than the TP5x.

      If you like the TP5x but want more distance you can also try the TP5 balls which will give you more distance compared to the TP5x.

      Hope this Helps,

  2. How does the Velocity compare to these golf balls? Some say that the Velocity is closer to the NXT Tour than the Tour Soft.

    1. Hey Todd, good question! Both are 2 piece balls, with the velocity you'll get better distance but less control around greens. As far as whether the Velocity is closer to the NXT than Tour Soft, I disagree, but this can be somewhat subjective. If you have a high handicap, Velocity (just like most balls Titleist makes) is an excellent ball. If you want to place an order we'd be happy to send you a sample to try them out.

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