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Jordan Spieth is on Fire and it's EASY to explain

 | February 12, 2017
Jordan Spieth Stats

2015 was a year to remember for Jordan Spieth, he gave us memories we will never forget. A Masters victory where Jordan showed us first player can easily win on such a storied stage. A course where experience is said to be the only attribute which can make a Masters Champion. US Open victory at Chambers Bay where in 2010 he actually missed the U.S. Amateur cut posting a 83.

After Chambers Bay he was looking to be unbeatable, untouchable. Jordan was playing at an all time high and doing things on the golf course that seemed almost godly. Many experts predicted he would be the latest to complete for the golf grand slam and he almost did just that. With a close finish in the Open Championship and battling Jason Day at the PGA Championship Jordan completed the 2015 season like very few have before.

At just 21 years old he had the golf pondents wondering where he came from and why was he so good? What was it, why was making his competitors look like amateurs? Well the question was asked to just about everyone who had an opinion and even Jordan commented on his year with a surreal type of gleam in his eye. At the end of the day Jordan was performing many of the aspects of the game good if not great but there was one in particular where he was truly UNBELIEVABLE, that was of course his putting.

Source/Credit: Golf Digest

Putting is and has always been the quickest and easiest way to lower your scores, if you take a look at Jordan's stats as compared to his fellow PGA Tour Players you will see he blows the competition away (when he is on.)

Since the inception of golf, putting has been the reason why you should have shot in the low 70's but actually finished in the high 80's. Putting has a very psychological component to it. Common sense would tell you that putting a ball in a 41/4" cup shouldn't be that difficult. Should be something that anyone one can do. Think about the last time you've seen a child play mini golf and ACE every hole. How can they be so good? How can their "technique" be so different than professionals but they have the same result? The answer is Pressure.

Pressure is an overpowering emotion that, at many times, consume a golfers core. We will get into how to handle pressure in a later blog but the point is that Jordan Spieth as shown tournament after tournament that he can handle the pressure. He can turn something where you or I would probably buckle under and absolutely shine. Just look at his performance this weekend at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am.

Source/Credits: PGATour

At the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am this weekend he has decided to turn on the heat with his most impressive putting. He won the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am with a score of –19 under par. Although the closest competitor was just 4 strokes behind Jordan was in control the entire time.

Looking back at the weekend Jordan commented on the 3rd round specifically, where he mastered the greens with a 1.364 per hole putting average. That's almost 12 putts less than the number two ranked putter this weekend. His putting has put him in the driver's seat again as he continues to win tournaments at just 23 years young.

Jordan has dropped to 6th in the worth golf rankings, which is nothing to be ashamed of, but you can count on him to climb up the rankings if he continues to putt on the pace he did this weekend at Pebble Beach!

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