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Exploring Callaway's Latest Innovation: The Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X Golf Balls

 | January 26, 2024

As Callaway unveils its latest golf ball models, the Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X, the golfing community has taken notice. We got a sneak peak at this ball at the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando (read on to see our take on this). This blog offers a detailed look at these new products, emphasizing their technical aspects and incorporating feedback from notable golf industry experts and players.

Insights into the Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X

The Chrome Tour

  • Construction: 4-piece
  • Compression: 90
  • Target Audience: Golfers seeking a balanced performance

Callaway’s Chrome Tour is designed to rival established models like the Titleist Pro V1. Its moderate compression is indicative of its balanced approach, offering both distance and a softer feel.

The Chrome Tour X

  • Construction: 4-piece
  • Compression: 98
  • Target Audience: Advanced players focusing on control and speed

The Chrome Tour X caters to high-skill players, comparable to the Titleist Pro V1x. Its high compression rate is tailored for those who demand precision and control, particularly in high-speed swings.

Technical Features and Performance

Aerodynamic Innovations

Both the Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X incorporate HEX geometries and circular-shaped dimples, a design that significantly reduces air resistance. This aerodynamic efficiency is crucial for maintaining a stable and consistent ball flight, especially under varying weather conditions.

Key Aerodynamic Aspects:

  • HEX Dimple Pattern: Reduces drag and enhances lift, allowing for longer and more stable flights.
  • Circular-Shaped Dimples: These contribute to a more efficient airflow around the ball, minimizing turbulence and promoting a smoother trajectory.

Material and Construction

The 4-piece construction of both models is a testament to Callaway's commitment to quality and performance. Each layer is designed to fulfill a specific function, harmonizing to deliver exceptional playability.

Core and Mantle Layers:

  • High-Energy Core: Both models feature a core that maximizes energy transfer from the club to the ball, enhancing distance.
  • Mantle Layers: These intermediate layers work to balance spin and speed. In the Chrome Tour X, the mantle layers are optimized for high-speed swings, providing a tighter spin profile and better control.

Surface Technology

The cover of these golf balls is not just about durability but also plays a pivotal role in performance.

Cover Features:

  • Urethane Cover: Both models sport a urethane cover that offers a soft feel and high levels of greenside control. This material is also known for its durability and resistance to cuts and abrasions.
  • Precision Alignment Design: The alignment markings on these balls are designed to aid in putting accuracy and visual tracking during flight.

Compression and Feel

Compression is a critical aspect that impacts the feel and suitability of a golf ball for different swing speeds.

Compression Ratings:

  • Chrome Tour: With a compression of 90, it strikes a balance between softness and firmness, making it versatile for a wide range of swing speeds.
  • Chrome Tour X: A higher compression rating of 98, ideal for players with faster swing speeds who require a firmer feel for better control and feedback.

Enhanced Performance Attributes

Distance and Control

Both models are engineered to optimize distance without sacrificing control. The Chrome Tour offers a balanced performance, while the Chrome Tour X provides an advantage in precision and spin control at higher swing speeds.

Spin Dynamics

The spin characteristics of these balls are finely tuned. The Chrome Tour provides a moderate spin conducive to both control and distance. The Chrome Tour X, on the other hand, is designed for high-level players, offering a higher spin rate that benefits skilled players in shaping shots and controlling approach shots.

Wind Performance

Due to their advanced aerodynamic features, both balls perform admirably in windy conditions. Their flight stability ensures that the impact of crosswinds and headwinds is minimized, allowing for more predictable ball flight and landing.

Expert Opinions with the Chrome Tour

  • Dr. Alan Hocknell, SVP of R&D at Callaway, highlights the importance of the aerodynamic design in the Chrome Tour, emphasizing its role in consistent flight patterns.
  • Mark Crossfield, a respected golf coach and equipment reviewer, notes the Chrome Tour’s impressive balance between distance and soft feel, making it a versatile choice for a range of players.

What do Two Guys with Balls Think?

We got to check it out at the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando. After talking to the folks at the Callaway booth and hitting a few putts (they didn't let us tee it up) we liked this ball. If you currently play the Chrome Soft and thought it felt a bit soft the Chrome Tour is a great option. While Callaway plans to keep the Chrome Soft around, they will discontinue the Chrome Soft X, so the current Chrome Soft X players have two pretty good options to transition into.

Go ahead and try this ball when it comes out in February 2024 and let us know what you think. More importantly, when you lose the ball let us know where you lost it so we can find it and sell it back to you. We anticipate having this ball in stock sometime in the fall or maybe late summer if it really takes off.


Comparison with Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X

Chrome Soft

  • Construction: 3-piece
  • Compression: 75
  • Ideal for: Mid-handicap players

The Chrome Soft is known for its softer feel and higher trajectory, favored by players who value comfort and forgiveness in their shots.

Chrome Soft X

  • Construction: 4-piece
  • Compression: 95
  • Ideal for: Players needing more precision

Designed for players with faster swing speeds, the Chrome Soft X offers enhanced shot-shaping capabilities and spin control, suited for those who prioritize accuracy over distance.


Callaway's Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X represent significant advancements in golf ball technology. They are engineered to meet the demands of various player levels, from amateurs to professionals. The endorsements from industry experts like Dr. Alan Hocknell and Mark Crossfield, along with feedback from players such as Tommy Fleetwood and Georgia Hall, attest to their performance and versatility. Personal experimentation is key in determining the best fit for an individual's game, but these new offerings from Callaway are undoubtedly worth consideration for those seeking to enhance their golf experience.

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